Mouse Scrolling without raising window in XFCE 4/Xubuntu

By default, when scrolling with the mouse wheel on a window that's on the background, that window is raised becoming the top window.

To prevent the window from raising, open a terminal window and run:

xfconf-query -c xfwm4 -p /general/raise_with_any_button -s false

The same result can also be accomplished with "Settings Editor" (xfce4-settings-editor), selecting the xfwm4 channel and unpicking the raise_with_any_button value.


  1. Hah! This was the biggest annoyance that I hadn't worked out after switching away from the Ubuntu/Unity/Gnome 3 mess... I suppose I should spend some more time in the settings editor. Thanks for this.

    1. I've just stumble upon this option while taking a "stroll" in the "Settings Editor" :p
      I'm glad I could help.

    2. Same comments as "some cuber". Thanks Wilson - very helpful.

      (Sometimes I wonder why they don't just get the default behaviour right in the first place. It's not as if there's any doubt about it...)

  2. Thanks ! Very useful ! Coming from gnome-shell, I was also missing this behavior.
    (For those who wonder why people would make a fuss about it, it comes in really handy in the following situation for example: you follow technical advice given step-by-step on a website, which you read in the background; you execute the commands in a terminal, which you have in the foreground. With the normal behavior, the terminal disappears below the browser every time you scroll the tutorial. Now it's possible to keep the terminal above... Which makes the whole thing really easier!)


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