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View and Edit *.epub files in Xubuntu

I use two programs to view ePub files: FBReader and calibre. Bellow you'll find a brief description of each one of them and instructions to installed them. If you're just looking for a simple and light program to view ePub files, my suggestion is to choose FBReader. None of the announced applications support editing of ePub files, so I also suggest a third application, sigil . View FBReader FBReader is an e-book reader for Linux/Windows XP PDA/UMPC/desktop computer. It not only supports ePub file format, but for instance it can also be used to open chm and rtf files. A file can be opened in FBReader using the file manager. An other way of opening files is using the built-in library management system; FBReader looks for supported files in directories listed in the Book Path option. Install FBReader Open a terminal window and run: sudo apt-get install fbreader Once installed you can find it in the Applications Menu's Office group, as "E-book reader"