Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Install PCManFM in [X]Ubuntu

PCManFM is a lightweight file manager with support for tabs. So is a great alternative to Xfce's file manager, Thunar.

I miss the possibility of selecting files that match a pattern (like in nautilus) or finding files (catfish to the rescue), but PCManFM has built-in tools for opening current directory in terminal or as root.


Open a terminal window and run:

sudo apt-get install pcmanfm -y


1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately, PCManFM is enable to display files size ! This features were available till 0.5.x, and still missing since the software has been re-written from scratch !

    Compare with Thunar, PCManFM clearly shows up which devices are mounted, by clearly showing an icon to unmount such volumes, which is so gooood.