No tabs for Thunar

Update: Since version 1.5.1 Thunar supports multiple tabs. Here's how to install it.

If you're wondering when will Thunar support tabs, well the answer is never (see the reference bellow).

If you really want/need a file manager with tabs support for your Xubuntu, you could easily install nautilus:
$ sudo apt-get install nautilus

Nautilus will add tabs support for Xfce/Xubuntu
When will thunar support tabs? (Xfce Forum)


  1. why not install PCManFM instead? since the philosophy of xfce is being lightweight.

    1. PCManFM is definitely a good choice, but unfortunately there's no Dropbox plugin, nor things like Ctrl\+[S|F|M] and templates.

  2. Tabs were added in a commit at the end of october 2012, so you just have to wait a little until someone packages it for your distibution.

  3. Replies
    1. Even though I already announced that since version 1.5.1 Thunar supports tabs (, I guess you're right.


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