Saturday, September 7, 2013

[HOW TO] Install Viber in Xubuntu (64 bits)

Viber is a cross-platform application (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Windows, Mac, Symbian, Nokia and Bada devices), that allows users to send text messages and make calls to other Viber users, all for free. Viber delivers its services over 3G or Wi-Fi networks and offers voice call with better quality than carrier networks.

Unfortunately it is still not available for 32 bit systems. In this article we'll learn how to install Viber in 64 bit systems.

Install (64 bits)

Open a terminal window and run:

wget -O viber64.deb && sudo dpkg -i viber64.deb && rm viber64.deb


Viber can be accessed via Applications Menu > Internet > viber or typing the following command: /opt/viber/Viber.

When run for the first time, Viber will ask for your phone number and after you input it, Viber will send a confirmation code to your mobile phone. Use that code to finalize configuration.


Viber available for Linux, Install in Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint/other Ubuntu derivatives (Currently for 64bit)

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