Monday, February 4, 2013

Elementary Icon Theme for JDownloader

The default icon theme for Xubuntu is "elementary Xfce". There's a theme for JDownloader that matches the icon theme, giving the application a more native look. Let's see how to install it.


  1. Download the theme from here.
  2. Extract the "jd" directory, that is inside the compressed file you just downloaded, into the hidden folder in your home called jdownloader ($HOME/.jdownloader).
  3. On JDownloader go to Settings > User Interface, choose the Light(GTK) style and choose Elementary as the theme.
  4. After restarting JDownloader the theme is applied.


elementary Icon Theme for JDownloader | Gnome-Look

1 comment:

  1. Im sure you know how to change the jdownloader icons but maybe this will help others.
    You have to go to .jdownloader/jd/img/logo
    I made a icon pack from awoken
    Make sure to backup the originals.
    jd_logo_128_128.png is the tray icon and you need to colour it according to your panel colour (the on the package is set to match MediterraneanNight theme). You can use gimp.