Sunday, December 2, 2012

[SOLVED] Plank doesn't change theme

Switching Plank's theme it's easy: replace dock.theme and hover.theme in ~/.config/plank/theme. Plank should reflect instantly the changes. However there's a problem: Plank ignores some themes and uses the default one. Well, this happens because the newer version of Plank uses a different notation.

Plank using the Gingerbread theme
Plank using the Gingerbread theme


Open dock.theme and hover.theme on a text editor and paste the contents of the files from the new theme into the existing ones. Now find the words PlankDrawingThemeRenderer and PlankDrawingDockThemeRenderer and remove the sub-string Renderer. Don't forget to save.

And that's it! Plank should now apply the new theme. By the way, new themes can be found here.


  1. Thank you, but it still doesn't get the color. I'm trying a theme similar to yours. It is not the same theme, but icons don't change into gray.

    Paddings and the rest do change.

    1. Mine are gray because of the icon theme I'm using. Plank themes don't change the icons nor its colors. The theme I'm using is Awoken:

    2. Oh, thanks. I just thought it should be gray because in the theme's screenshot it appeared in gray.

  2. Replies
    1. Total newb here! so if you could bear with my non-comprehension lol

      I have downloaded a Plank theme from deviant >, created a folder name 'theme' in the config/plank folder (next to the default 'Dock1') and extracted it to that folder. Both dock.theme and hover.theme present.

      I am having trouble understanding your instruction to open both of those in a text file (have done so in Mousepad) but what do you mean by "paste the contents of the files from the new theme into the existing ones"...which 'existing ones' do you mean??

      Many (many!) thanks if anyone can help :)

    2. Choose any theme already on your system and replace its contents with the new one.