[HOW TO] Install Guake (Quake-like terminal) in Xubuntu

Some time ago I wrote about installing Tilda in Xubuntu. Now I gave Guake a try (another terminal that slides in from the top of the screen).

Guake running on Xubuntu
Guake running on Xubuntu

There are some reasons for liking Guake better:

  • The width is set to 100% (Tilda has some problems when changing monitors).
  • The height can be adjusted with the mouse.
  • All key bindings can be customized.
  • The tab bar is quite useful and it's easy to rename tabs.

Tilda is still a good program, though, so if you're undecided give them both a try and see which suits you best.


Open a terminal window and run:

sudo apt-get install guake -y


Guake can be accessed via Applications Menu > Accessories > Guake Terminal or typing the following command: guake. Guake's preferences editor can be directly accessed using the command: guake-prefs or you can right-click on Guake and select Preferences.


  1. Nice :)
    As you are a xubuntu guru :)can you make please a tutorial about changing file-roller to peazip ?
    I have a problem : I made the peazip.tap and peazip.desktop and a right click "add to archive" tells me "no archive manager found" :(
    Thanks in advance :)

    1. I don't like the answer I'm about to give you, but I tried to rename peazip.(tap|desktop) to file-roller.(tap|desktop) and it worked.

      I proceeded as described in the readme (http://git.xfce.org/thunar-plugins/thunar-archive-plugin/tree/README) and still was unable to make Thunar recognize the peazip prefix.

  2. Got another answer, I will try it and tell it to you, maybe it would be interesting for other wubuntu geeks ;)

  3. Unable to find a Guake appearance "scheme" to match teh Xubuntu Raring (and Quantal) Terminal Emulator colors, ofc. This could turn out to be a pain (to set up :))

    1. If matching the appearance is that important, you could consider using xfce4-terminal as Guake: http://goo.gl/lFfvs


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