Thursday, October 18, 2012

[NEWS] Xubuntu 12.10 is out!

Xubuntu 12.10, codenamed Quantal Quetzal, has been released! Xubuntu 12.10 will be supported for 18 months.

New features

  • Xfce 4.10
  • Completely rewritten offline documentation
  • In the application menu, all settings-related launchers are now grouped under the Settings Manager
  • Updated artwork, including new wallpaper, documentation looks and updates to LightDM, Greybird and Ubiquity slideshow
  • New versions of Catfish and Parole

Notable bug fixes

  • No more window traces or “black on black” in installer

Known issues

  • The messaging indicator is not available for 12.10
  • Duplicated partitions might be shown at Thunar sidebar and the desktop


Xubuntu 12.10 is out!


  1. Hi Wilson,

    How do I upgrade to version 12.04 to 12.10?


    1. There's the answer:

      Thanks for asking.

  2. Do you think the 2 issues (indicator messaging / double volume in thunar+desktop) will be fixed soon ? Or do we need to wait for 13.xx release :( ?

    1. Right now I can't tell for sure, but I hoping that'll soon be fixed. I'm guessing that the double volume problem will be fixed first.

      I'll keep tabs on those issues and update when new developments arise.

    2. Thanks for the answer :)In fact, I didn't succeed finding informations for these 2 annoying bugs...

  3. I been running 1204 and it worked perfectly. Had to make a new install, and this time I chose 12.10. I just find everything broken. I have researched on it, and apparently some of it is because the increased customization of everything to the unity ui.

    What a disaster

    1. I can't say that I agree. I've been using 12.10 and everything works fine. Still no message indicator, though.

    2. Ok, I have problems with sound, which is a problem repported from many with no solution. And then there is the functionality in the windows and pfds disappeering because it is sent to a non existent unitiy interface. But maybe I am unlucky somehow =/
      But can be fixed by reinstalling 1204 that worked flawless

    3. The only I had with sound already existed in 12.04, so I fixed it quickly: