Friday, October 19, 2012

[HOW TO] Upgrade Xubuntu 12.04 to Xubuntu 12.10

In this article we'll see how to upgrade Xubuntu 12.04 to Xubuntu 12.10, using both a graphical method and a command line method.

Xubuntu 12.04 Distribution Upgrade Notification

But first there's a few thing to bear in mind:

  • Backup your files.
  • Xubuntu 12.04 is LTS (Long Term Supported) so it might be more stable than subsequent releases.
  • The upgrade might take some time, so be patient.
  • If you added PPAs manually they'll be disabled. If they support 12.10 you can add them again later.

Upgrade from Update Manager

Open "Update Manager" (Applications Menu > System > Update Manager). Then proceed as described here. Essentially all you have to do is change the update settings so that you'll be notified when there's a newer version available, reopen "Update Manager" and click the "Upgrade" button next to the message that is saying that a new Xubuntu version is available.

Upgrade from terminal

Open a terminal window and run the command below. Then follow the instructions presented by the command.

sudo sed -i 's/prompt=lts/prompt=normal/g' /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades && sudo do-release-upgrade


Ubuntu Manpage: do-release-upgrade


  1. May I ask you a personal question? Which one are you using? 12.04 or 12.10?
    By the way, thanks for this blog! Keep going!


    1. I'm using both. My main machine is still running 12.04. I use it mostly for drawing and right now the setup it's perfect. On other machines I'm already trying 12.10.

  2. When I do "sudo do-release-upgrade" It says "Checking for a new Ubuntu release
    No new release found"
    I am running 12.04 installed with wubi

    1. 12.04 is LTS so it won't upgrade unless a newer LTS version is available. To be able to upgrade we must change the settings.

      When I wrote the article I already had the option activated so I forgot that part. It's fixed now. Thank you.

  3. Eye know this is a stale post, now; but, since I saw the author use a webupd8team PPA in another post.. there's an app from them, that makes updating PPAs easier: