[HOW TO] Add a new user account in Xubuntu

Here's the steps for creating a new user in Xubuntu:

  1. Open Applications Menu > System > Users and Groups.

  2. On the following "User Settings" dialog click on the add button.

  3. Now it's time to write the user's name. The dialog will suggest some usernames based on the user's name, but another one can be used as long as the rules presented are followed.

  4. Now a password for the new user must be selected. The password can be automatically generated (don't forget to memorize it).

  5. The new user is now available for login.


  1. The thing is that mint 13 xfce has not this feature in the system and this is an incomprehensible mistake. I don't know to add it. I've heard something about synaptic but this is not for me now. Mint has good things like xfce 4.10 and mint menu but don't have another important things like this one for example. Another fact is that wine worked in mint xfce rc with portable progs very well but now don't. The same is with k9copy which don't even start!
    I don't know why but in the linux world is a tradition to drown on shore. The little things are not finished or not there. To fix all of this things take an hour but....
    maybe you could write a tutorial about how to install in xubuntu xfce 4.10 -i know there is but has not the quality of your tutorials- mint menu and more themes. If i'll have this will be everything ok for me.
    Thank you!


  2. Ok, I'll investigate on how to import Mint menu into Xubuntu. On the theming subject you could go through these: http://xubuntugeek.blogspot.pt/search/label/Desktop%20Theming, and please let me know if any of your questions go answered.

  3. from mint blog about mint menu install:

    Add an Xfapplet to the panel, then go to properties of that applet and activate mintMenu.
    Enable mintmenu by installing xfce4-xfapplet-plugin and mintmenu from Software Manager (if not already there)
    R/click panel > add new items > xfapplet > add
    R/click xfapplet in panel (mouse icon at far right) > Properties > choose an applet > click mintmenu > click ok

    This worked for me


    to get the mint menu
    sudo apt-get install mintmenu xfce4-xfapplet-plugin
    then add the xf applet to your panel and in it’s settings you can select mint menu

    If you are having issues using applets (eg crash on add) go into software sources and enable the xubuntu dev 4.10 ppa (last 2 in other sources IIRC) then run
    sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade

    1. Thank you. I had to import Linux repository for this to work, but it provided some useful guidance.

  4. Good day! Do you happen to own any writing or this is just a pure natural talent? Waiting forward to hear your answer.


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