Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[HOW TO] Rip VCD in Xubuntu

VCD (Video Compact Disc) is a CD that contains video and sound compressed as MPEG.

This MPEG file can be extracted using the vcdxrip tool from the vcdimager package.

Install vcdimager

Open a terminal window and run:

sudo apt-get install vcdimager -y

Extract MPEG track

This step depends on the source of the VCD (CD-ROM, *.bin, *.ngr, ...). The general command form for extracting the MPEG file we'll use is:

vcdxrip -p --nofile SOURCE_OPTION IMAGE_FILE

Where IMAGE_FILE is something like /dev/sr0, videocd.bin, videocd.ngr, ... and SOURCE_OPTION is one of the following (between parenthesis is the description, don't type it):

  • -b (bin image file)
  • -c (cue image file)
  • -N (Nero image file)
  • --toc-file ("toc" image file)
  • -C (CD-ROM)
Extract example for bin image:
vcdxrip -p  --nofiles -b videocd.bin

The program will extract the MPEG as avseq01.mpg.


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