Thursday, June 28, 2012

[HOW TO] Install latest Keymon in Xubuntu

key-mon is utility to show live keyboard and mouse status for teaching and screencasts.

key-mon running on Xubuntu 12.04


Navigate to keymon download page and download the deb file with the highest version number (1.13-1 at the time of this writing), then open a terminal window, change current directory (cd) to the download directory and run:

sudo apt-get install python-xlib -y
sudo dpkg -i keymon_*.deb


key-mon can be accessed via Applications Menu > Graphics > KeyMon or by typing key-mon on a terminal.

When key-mon is running, it'll show the keyboard and mouse events. If you right click inside the key-mon window you can access its settings and enable window decoration, which is useful for moving the window around.


Keyboard Status Monitor (key-mon) at Google Code
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