Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mouse gestures on Thunar

Mouse gestures is a way sending application commands with a pointing device (usually a mouse). This means that if some application has support for mouse gestures, you'll be able to perform some actions just by moving you mouse.

Mouse gestures are a common feature in Web Browsers. Opera has built-in support since version 5.10 (April 2001). For Firefox and Chrome support is added through extensions (FireGestures for Firefox and Smooth gestures for Chrome). There are also some projects that add support for Linux desktop (easystroke) and for Windows (Just Gestures and Strokeit)

Thunar also has support for mouse gestures (though very limited one). To use them press mouse middle button and the move your mouse in one of this directions:
  • Left - opens the previous visited folder
  • Up - opens the parent folder
  • Right - opens the next visited folder
  • Down - reload the current folder
mouse middle button and left will open the previous visited folder

Thunar File Manager - FAQ
Pointing device gesture
Mouse gestures in Opera

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