Saturday, November 26, 2011

Xubuntu’s main features

Xubuntu is a Linux distribution. It is derived from Ubuntu and uses the XFCE desktop environment. This means that you get a fully functional operating system, which focus on integration, usability and performance[1], using less resources than the default Ubuntu choice, Unity. Even though the recommended amount of RAM to run Xubuntu is 512 MB, it runs on a computer has at least 192 MB[2].

Here’s a summary of the available applications on Xubuntu 11.10:
  • Web browser: Mozilla Firefox 
  • E-Mail: Mozilla Thunderbird 
  • Instant messaging: Pidgin 
  • Music player: gmusicbrowser 
  • Movie player: Parole 
  • Graphics editor: GIMP 
  • File manager: Thunar 
  • PDF Reader: Evince 
  • Word processor: Abiword 
  • Spreadsheet: Gnumeric 
  • Text editor: Leafpad 
  • Desktop search: Catfish 

As you can see from the above list, Xubuntu provides out of the box full desktop functionality.
Go ahead, and give Xubuntu a try (if you haven’t done so). Installation usually takes 25 minutes.

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