Saturday, November 26, 2011

Using gmrun instead of xfrun4 [Xubuntu]

gmrun allows to launch an application by typing its name.
In this article I’ll show you how to replace xfrun4, the default XFCE4 application launcher, so when you hit the Alt+F2 combination gmrun will run instead of xfrun4.

“But why would you replace xfrun4 with gmrun?"

Well, that main reason is the command completion feature. I use the terminal a lot, so I have the habit to hit Tab after a few keystrokes to complete the command. gmrun allows me to do exactly that and it also completes file names.

To complete a command type the first letters, then hit Tab until you have selected
the desired command. The arrow keys can also be used to change the selection.

If you're convinced to change to gmrun, here are the steps:

  1. Install gmrun, using a terminal window: sudo apt-get install gmrun
  2. Replace xfrun4 with gmrun:
    1. Open "Settings Manager" (Applications Menu > Settings > Settings Manager)
    2. Click on "Keyboard"
    3. Select the "Application Shortcuts" tab
    4. Remove the xfrun4 command (select it and hit Remove)
    5. Click on Add and type gmrun as the command 
    6. After clicking OK, press F2 while holding Alt
    7. That's it! Now gmrun should run when you hit the Alt+F2 combination